What we believe

Jesus came to earth to be our Savior.  Not be a great teacher.  Not to shake up the religious system of the day.  Not be a great moral example of how to live our lives.  He was all of those things, to be sure – but he came specifically to be our Savior –  to save us from our sins.

Now I know that many people hear that and think- ugh, I don’t need that religious stuff in my life. I’m a good person and I’ll go to heaven because I’m good enough.  Two thoughts about that-

  1. I agree with not needing religious stuff in my life. That may not be something you expect to hear a missionary say, but it’s true. Being a Christian has nothing to do with being religious.  Being religious is just following a bunch of rules. Being a Christian is about having a relationship with Jesus the Christ.
  2. No one is good enough to go to heaven on our own.  Jesus told us that the only way to heaven is through Him (John 14:6).  We may be a good person in comparison to others, but the truth is we often carefully choose who to compare ourselves to so that we look better to ourselves.  But there is only one comparison that is valid when talking about going to heaven – God Himself = perfection.  When we compare ourselves to that standard, we all fall short.  If we are honest with ourselves I think we will see we fall WAY short of being perfect.  And that is why Jesus came as our Savior.  To wipe us clean of our sin, to take the punishment for our sins so that we can be made perfect again and live with God in heaven forever.  God shows it this way:
    1. We all have sinned.  (Romans 3:23).  “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…”
    2. The wages of sin is death. (Romans 6:23a) “For the wages of sin is death…”   Not physical death, though this is true as well, but specifically spiritual death.  We lose our place in God’s kingdom (heaven) throughout eternity.  So if we have all sinned, and the consequence of sin is hell… we’re in trouble without some help!
    3. The love of God. (Romans 5:8) “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us,”  So He loves us even when we didn’t follow Him, perhaps we were even opposed to Him and pushed Him away.
    4. The free gift of salvation. (Romans 6:23b) “But the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  And here is our help.  Jesus died to take our sins from us.  It’s a free gift- we have to do nothing but…
    5. Accepting the Free Gift (Romans 10:9 & 13) “That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. (13) For whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.”  And truly- that’s it.  Nothing else is needed.  The amount of money you give, time you commit, things you do “for God” don’t change your salvation.

Don’t delay.  We are’t guaranteed another day of our life.  If you believe what you’ve read, what you now know about Jesus – pray and accept Him as your Lord.  If you have questions or don’t understand, or don’t know how to accept Jesus – please don’t hesitate to contact us at:  Gary@StepsofFaith.me


Why do we Trust in the Bible?

You hear countless challenges to the Bible- “It’s a bunch of stories and myths”, “You don’t really believe in Creation or the Flood, do you?”, “There are contradictions in the Bible so it can’t be true”.  Yet- we do believe the Bible is the inspired, authoritative and infallible Word of God.  Why?

The reason is well summarized by the following 10 proofs, which I originally heard from Eric Ludy:  (this page is still under construction – evidences will be given for each)

  1. It is Supernaturally Built
  2. It performs what it promises
  3. God Himself declares it to be Supernatural Revelation
  4. Though strong empires have sought to destroy it, no one has been able to stamp it out
  5. It has been better preserved than any book in history
  6. It is astoundingly accurate in its histories and accounts
  7. It’s too honest to be human
  8. The power of darkness stands virulently against this book
  9. Simply put- this book changes lives
  10. Men and Women throughout history have gladly died to perserve its every jot and tittle