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The Calling… Our Steps of Faith

We are a typical family- Dad, Mom, 3 kids and a dog.  In 2013, we didn’t have missions in our 5 year plan.  It wasn’t even in our 25 year plan!  But the Lord has known all along (Ephesians 2:10).  We have the same mission every other Christian family has- to raise our children so they have a strong faith in Jesus and to actively share the Love of Jesus with others so the Holy Spirit can convict their hearts and win them to Christ.  The only thing that is different for us is the Lord has called us to fulfill our mission in another country… Ireland.  Read more about the calling.


Ireland? Why Ireland?

Ireland (and Europe in general) is like the US in so many ways.  It has a deep and rich Christian history – giants of the faith have come from Europe – St. Patrick, William Tyndale, Martin Luther and C.S. Lewis to name but a few.  Missionaries have come from Europe, why would we send missionaries TO Europe?  So for many, it doesn’t compute why missionaries would go TO Europe at all.      Read more…


The Mission
  • What will we be doing there?  The quick answer?  Building relationships, joining New Hope Calvary Chapel, starting a home fellowship that God willing will develop into a church of it’s own, street ministry… and then there is another plan in the background.  No detail has been revealed yet, but we believe the Lord has something else in store that only he could accomplish.
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  • The Mission, part 1
  • The Mission, part 2
  • The Mission, part 3

Be a part of what the Lord is doing in Ireland!  How?  Two ways –


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Donation   Donations

Our  visa will not allow us to work to support ourselves.  So, for us to have the ability to live there to DO the work, we rely on financial support of people here in the USA.  We may be the hands and feet in Ireland, but as part of the body of Christ you also can be part of His work bringing the people of Galway, Ireland to Jesus! How to give