Family picture 2015
Our family Fall 2015

We are a typical family, Mom, Dad, 3 kids and a dog.  We have been part of the same church for over a decade, we met, dated and got married as part of Calvary Chapel Aurora.  Gary had a good job teaching Taekwondo and was moving up in the organization.  We served in the church and loved Jesus.  We were comfortable and content with where we were in life.  There wasn’t really any faith needed for this life- it was comfortable.

Then the Lord called us out of our comfortable life.

Step of Faith #1

In January of 2013 Gary was listening to a sermon on Nehemiah from our pastor and he heard actual words from the Lord, “It’s time to step back from taekwondo.”  It made no sense in a logical way- but after praying for 4 months, the Lord confirmed His command and Gary left the business.

Step of Faith #2

So Gary had quit his job… Now what?  What would he do as a career?  The Lord again answered and let Gary know it would be about a year that he wouldn’t work.  He would be unemployed.  For a year.  How would we live for a year without income?  What would we do?  The Lord provided, as always.  Gary studied and spent time with their young children- ages 1 to 4 at that time.  It merits noting – Carli was the model helper.  She supported Gary throughout the process.  She never questioned if it was wise, she trusted that Gary heard from the Lord and that was enough.  Only occasionally did she ask if he thought it was time to work yet.  It would have been very hard for Gary to maintain his commitment to what he heard without that support.

It was during this time that praying about missions began, it was a question of… ‘maybe that’s what this is all for’, but nothing was certain.

Step of Faith #3

Nearly a year later a friend asked Gary if he was interested in a job opening he had at his company.  It was a laborer position that wouldn’t completely pay the bills.  At first he said no, but after praying on it Gary glanced at a poster he’d made of Proverbs 3:5-6.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;

In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

Each line had a paragraph of meaning, and he knew he was to take the job.  So he started working the following week.  The Lord was faithful, as always, and within 4 months his friend was promoted into a new position and Gary was promoted to a manager position- one which paid the bills.

Step of Faith #4

Carli continued praying about missions and in March of 2015 noticed Ireland kept coming up in obscure and unexpected places.  Carli has had a heart for Ireland since childhood, so she started praying about going to Ireland for missions – asking if that was His will.  After several months she decided to pray for something specific.  “If you want us to go to Ireland, give me some kind of Scripture confirmation.”  The next day she read the next verse in her daily Bible reading for our girls’ homeschooling -Genesis 12:1-4.

Now the LORD had said to Abram: “Get out of your country, From your family And from your father’s house, To a land that I will show you… So Abram departed as the LORD had spoken to him…”

The verse jumped out at her – her confirmation.  When she told Gary the next day, it seemed a bit “too obvious” to him, but they prayed on it.  In the next 6 sermons they heard- EVERY one had a component of, “If the Lord tells you to do something, DO IT!”  This culminated with a message at Gary’s parent’s church-with a guest teacher no less.  His entire message was “If the Lord tells you to do something, DO IT!”  So we planned a scouting trip around Thanksgiving 2015.

Step of Faith #5

The scouting trip was fruitful, but nothing specific was heard about returning to Ireland.  We continued praying.  Spiritual attacks were present, so we knew we were on the right path.  Carli was in a “minor” car accident 4 days after we returned and was sore for several months after.  The pastor in Galway extended an invitation to join him in January 2017, and also to come in the summer of 2016 for a couple months as confirmation of the Lord’s will for us.

Carli received confirmation a couple weeks later, but Gary hadn’t – and we certainly weren’t going to uproot our entire family without Gary getting specific confirmation from the Lord.  Gary went to Israel on a short term missions trip at the end of January.  There he received his specific confirmation.  Upon his return, he told Carli they were headed to Galway, Ireland for the summer.

Step of Faith #6

So a 2 month missions trip was planned.  The Lord continued to provide in many different ways as they planned for the trip.  The most dramatic was Gary’s work.  Gary had to resign from his job as the busy season starts in May every year, so he had to resign to go to Galway for the two months.  One morning Gary focused on finances during his morning prayer.  HOW would we make this work!?  Not only paying for the whole family to go for the summer, but when they returned- he had no job.  No income.  “How will I make this work?” At that point the Lord interrupted Gary’s spinning thoughts – the message was simple, “You won’t… I will.”  He gave his notice in February, hired his replacement at the beginning of March (to give plenty of time for training).  A month later his replacement abruptly quit.  His employers decided there wasn’t enough time to adequately train a replacement so they created a team of current employees to cover his position until Gary returned in August.  The Lord gave Gary his job back.  There was no way we could have orchestrated that series of events.

We served in Galway, Ireland for 2 months.  We saw daily life and how people knew of Jesus, but as a rule don’t know Jesus.  We watched the homeless bundle up on the streets and saw the drinking problems up close.  We shared Jesus with those who would listen and began to develop relationships with locals.  If you would like to hear more about the trip you can read more here – Ministry in Galway, Ireland.

Step of Faith #7

When we returned one of us had received confirmation that we would be returning to Ireland, the other had not heard anything and preferred to stay in the US.  Life is harder there and without your support network it’s not easy to see yourself living there.  So we prayed.  The Lord made it clear… just wait- He would deal with the hesitant heart.  He did bring us into agreement of His plans for our lives.  And 4 months later He did- confirmation came to both of us and we started the process of going to Ireland as full time missionaries!

Now – we are praying, getting prepared to leave and raising support.

If you would consider partnering with us – there are 2 ways to support us.


Prayer is powerful. Mark 10:21-23
Prayer is the most critical way to support us and is something everyone can do- please pray for us.  Set a weekly reminder in your phone, on your calendar, your appointment book- however you keep track.
☘️ Pray for salvation for the people of Ireland
☘️ Pray for the safety, health & unity of our family
☘️ Pray for the effectiveness of our ministry


Financial support comes from everyday people like you answering the calling the Lord has for your life.
Our prayer is you ask the Lord if He is calling on you to financially support His ministry in Ireland. We hope you are able to join our team with either a one time gift or giving faithfully every month.
People & organizations like you make missionary work possible. We may be the hands and feet in Ireland, but as part of the body of Christ you also can be part of His work bringing the people of Galway, Ireland to Jesus!

How to Give
Paypal or  Checks can be mailed to:
Galway Ministries
PO Box 37
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
Please put “Betts Family” on the memo line