Waiting on the Lord


From the beginning of this process of following the Lord’s call to Ireland, we have been taking steps of faith as the Lord has revealed His will for our lives.

  1. Leaving a good career when He called us out of Taekwondo
  2. Not searching for a new job and being unemployed for a year – by His will
  3. Taking the job He provided, even though at first it made no sense
  4. Going on a scouting trip to Ireland
  5. Going on a short term trip to Ireland for 2 months to serve alongside missionaries currently in the field
  6. Quitting Gary’s job to go on the trip with no prospects of a job upon our return, only to have the job miraculously “given back” when Gary’s replacement suddenly quit shortly before he left.
  7. Staring the process of preparing to go to Ireland full-time, visiting pastors and churches and old friends to share the vision the Lord had given us.
  8. Putting all the plans to go to Ireland on hold when He revealed this isn’t the right time for our family to go to Ireland.

Yes, you read that last line correctly.  We are not going to Ireland.  At least, not now.  We are convinced we are still going at some point in the future.  We simply don’t know if that is next year or in 10 years.


After getting the report on the status of our support not much had changed on a monthly basis.  So Gary decided to fast and pray to seek His will – where to focus our efforts and see what He wanted us to be doing.  The Lord answered in two separate messages.  The first was Hebrews 6:15 “And so, after he [Abraham] had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.”  The clear message was we would need to endure- to not give up hope or quit, but to keep on waiting for the Lord to put everything together for us to go.  I thought- “I can do that.”  The second was a co-worker who, in so many words, said he’d been praying for me and had been given a Word from the Lord for me, “this is not the time for you and your family to be going to Ireland – at this time”.  The last 3 words seemed almost added on to reassure us that we would be going, just not yet.

The truth is, for the next week and a half I was an emotional ping pong ball.  From downright depressed to focusing on what He has for us here and now and to jump right in.  I sought counsel from the pastors in our church and a couple of pastors we had visited over the previous 3 months.  Finally I was able to talk to Jess, the pastor of New Hope Calvary Chapel we were to join in Galway, Ireland.

Jess said something that solidified in my mind and set my heart at ease, “OK, so you are waiting on the Lord, that is biblical.”  Immediately some of the people he was referring to came to mind – Moses, Joseph, Abraham, Paul spent time waiting on the Lord.  Some for decades, some for hours.  But they all had times of waiting on the Lord.  It was the word I needed to hear.  From that moment on- the Lord has put my heart and mind at ease.  I’m focused on seeking what the Lord has for us now – here in Colorado.  We aren’t just “not yet”- this is an active waiting.  Undoubtedly He is working the background to prepare things we will never know are being done.  But He also is working on our hearts and minds – all 5 of us – to prepare us for the time we will go.

Psalm 27:14 —

Wait on the Lord;
Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the Lord!

Next Steps…

We are still attending the missions conference in California in January.  That had been planned prior to all these events and we still feel it’s important to be there.  It will be a reunion of many of the people we know in Galway, Ireland and an opportunity to get to know a pastor who is starting the process of getting ready to go to Galway- hopefully in the next several months.

We are also looking for what the Lord has for us here in Aurora until the Lord calls us to missions again.  Gary has already started started serving in a prayer ministry and has been offered the chance to be discipled by a local Calvary Chapel pastor.  As we said- this is a period of ACTIVE waiting.  We will let the Lord grow us and mold us as He desires so we will be prepared for the ministry He has for us as missionaries in the future.


So… I mentioned the support that was raised.  What are we doing with that money?  We are not pocketing it, nor are we simply holding it until we get word to go.  It was given to further the Lord’s work in Ireland and share the Gospel with those who don’t know Jesus.  We firmly want it to do exactly that.  We have suggested to Galway Ministries (the umbrella organization all our donations were going through) that they should use the funds as they need. The immediate thoughts are to help send an Irish family they have been discipling in Galway to the conference in January and they also would like us to take another short term missions trip to Galway this spring.  We are praying on that now, but in the meantime the funds are available to them to use as needed.

If you have donated:  Please let us know as soon as you can what you would like us to do with the money you have donated.  We can refund the money to you or forward it to Galway Ministries.    If we don’t hear from you the funds will be given to Galway Ministries as outlined above.  Email Gary at gary@stepsoffaith.me

Thank you

Thank you all for the prayers, the encouragement and interest you have shown as we have taken this journey over the last 5 years.  We can not express enough how much it means to have all of you walking alongside of us as we follow the Lord in the Steps of Faith He has laid out before us (Ephesians 2:10).



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