Sharing the Vision, Summer/Fall 2016

There have been many new additions to the newsletter in the past couple months.  For those of you who are new – thank you for signing up to hear what the Lord is doing in Ireland!  As you pray for us, for Ireland and the ministry happening there, our prayer is the Lord encourages you and spurs you to take those steps of faith He is calling you to do – for His glory!

The Lord is truly more interested in your heart than He is your time, money and abilities (which are all His anyway) 1 Samuel 16:7b.  However you support us- prayer, finances, encouraging notes and emails- Thank you!  By investing in the work He is doing – whether in Ireland, another part of the world, your church or your neighborhood – you are allowing God to stretch you, to grow your faith and keep your focus on our eternal home in heaven instead of the  temporary things here on earth.

Since the last update:

Summer went quickly, the last update has been WAY overdue.  (We have been sending more frequent updates through Facebook (  So if you want to keep up with us – Like our page!  I’ll be working on Instagram soon.  Not much is there at this point, but there will be in the future.

We participated in typical summer activities including making memories with a family vacation to Yellowstone, watching 4th of July fireworks, trips the the pool, birthday celebrations and family game nights.

At the same time we’ve been preparing to go to Ireland.  We’ve made countless calls to pastors and churches, prayed, talked with the team we are joining in Ireland, prepared letters to go out (more on that below) and we’ve started to  share the vision the Lord has given us for Ireland with churches throughout Colorado.

We were able to share with our home church, Calvary Chapel Aurora on May 31st (video of what we shared). This opened doors to begin to share with other churches on August 13, and we’ve been traveling to a different church every week (except the weekend of the Men’s Retreat).  We are currently scheduled every weekend through next weekend and we have 1 more church to schedule  and a few others we are still in discussions to see if the Lord is leading them in that direction.

As of today we have been to:

Redemption Calvary Chapel

White Flag Calvary Chapel (video of what we shared)

Horizon Christian Fellowship

Denver Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Bible Church

Calvary Boulder Valley

Christ the King Fellowship Calvary Chapel

Son Country Community Church

Calvary Chapel Fort Collins

Mile High Calvary

Front Range Calvary

and in the coming weeks we are traveling to:

Reach Boulder

Denver Christian Bible Church

Sharing the Vision:

If you can introduce us to someone at your church who we could share with and talk about visiting your church, send us their contact information and after we talk about it – tell them we’ll be calling. Personal introductions always work best.

We also are working on developing corporate sponsors and fundraisers with local businesses.  We actually need your help in this area…

Help us with ideas!

As we contact Christian businesses throughout the country to sponsor us,  would you listen and watch as you go about your normal day.  Let us know the names of any businesses that would be a candidate to sponsor us, even if you don’t think it’s likely.  If you have a contact name and how to contact them that would be fantastic!  We will contact them and see what the Lord will do with the contact.  The worst case scenario is they say “no”, so don’t hesitate to send on any company that even could possibly come alongside us.

How can you come alongside us?


PLEASE PRAY FOR US – REGULARLY! – Set a weekly reminder in your phone, on your calendar or your appointment book!

  • Lord continue to unify Carli and I in the vision of ministry for our family
  • Sharing with churches:
    • Invitations from pastors / group leaders to talk to their church / group about what the Lord has put on our hearts for Ireland
    • The Lord give Gary the message He wants people to hear when we speak to churches
  • The Lord raise up those who will support us on His mission
  • That our girls begin to see how the Lord intends to use them in ministry – they find a mission of their own.
  • For Gary’s hand (broken in June this year).  For full range of motion and ability to bear weight on that hand again.
  • He begins to prepare a home for us in Ireland
  • That the Lord start to prepare the hearts of those whom with we will develop relationships
  • That the Lord continues to draw us closer to Him
  • For consistent monthly financial support to begin to come in.

Keep informed of what we are up to and current prayer requests at

Financial Support:

If you feel the Lord is leading you to contribute financially, go to:, then click the “Donate” button at the top of the page and select “Betts Family”.  Or you can go directly to our page at

Alternatively, you can send a check to:

Galway Ministries
PO Box 37
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
Please write “Betts Family” on the memo line.  Thank you!

Thank you!

As always – we can not thank you enough for your support and encouragement!


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