The Mission – Part 3 – Planting Churches

The New Hope Calvary Chapel church building.  The first church plant!

Since our last update:

(This was originally published on June 6th, but didn’t post to the website.  We are reposting it in full now).  The past 7 weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind.  In the last update we said we would update our church and get a chance to present what the Lord has for us in Ireland on April 12th.  I’d been praying He make it clear if it was too soon and we need to wait, and the leadership in our church asked us to push back to allow a visiting pastor an opportunity to talk while he was in town – my answer to prayer.  We were able to update Calvary Chapel Aurora on Wednesday, May 31st – one week after Carli returned from the Ukraine. (watch the update, it starts at minute marker 25:25)

Ukraine!?  Yes- Carli was led to go on a short term missions trip to the Ukraine from May 10th to 23rd.  The time there was very fruitful and opened some doors with people for the missionaries there.  She then had the opportunity to stop in Galway, Ireland for 3 days on the way home.  She was able to talk with the missionaries currently there and also see some of the friends we had made with locals while we were there last summer.  It was not what we had expected the trip to be, but it was a fruitful 3 days.

Shop Street – the main shopping area in the downtown area.

The mission:

This is part 3 of the mission updates.  Each post has highlighted a different aspect of the mission in Ireland instead of giving you everything at once.  This way they’ll be shorter, but you’ll still get a sense of what we’ll be doing while we are there and what the need is in Ireland.  If you missed the first update (Relationships) or the second update (Street Ministry) you can find it them at

Church Planting:

When the Apostle Paul went on his three missionary journeys – one of his primary activities was church planting.  He led people to Christ, (Acts 13:12, 13:48, 14:7, 14:21, 16:14-15, 16:20-33, 17:3-4 17:34 18:11 and more), discipled them (Acts 13:16- 47, 14:22, 15:35, 19:2-10 and most of the epistles Paul wrote), and sent them out to plant churches (Acts 19:22, 1 & 2 Timothy and more).  The mission is similar today.  We are going to lead people to Christ (street ministry and relationship), disciple them (relationship and serving in the local church) and help others plant churches.  At Calvary Chapel Aurora we summarize it as “Win, Disciple, Send”.

Discipling is where both Carli and I are drawn in our relationships here in Colorado.  We seem to attract those who need that encouragement or exhortation to take the next step in their relationship with the Lord.  Carli with the women, Gary with the men.  We both have a long way to go ourselves, but we take what we know to be true and share it with those the Lord puts in our path.  We see that role continuing on in Ireland – raising up the men and women to be sanctified – made to be more like Jesus.

Church planting is the mission of Galway Ministries, the organization in Ireland we will be joining.  Jess McCurnin and his family are already there – they started New Hope Calvary Chapel (NHCC) as a place for believers to gather and be discipled and eventually sent to plant churches of their own.  We will be helping them at NHCC.  In about a year we see the Lord may be leading us to start our own home fellowship, which we pray will develop into a church fellowship.  I am praying He will raise up a local Irishman to pastor that fellowship in time.  I don’t have details but I think the Lord may have other plans for us in Ireland as well.  Until He makes them more clear I’m not discussing them just yet but keeping it in prayer.

The River Corrib that runs through Galway City

How can you come alongside us?

There are 2 primary ways –


PLEASE PRAY FOR US – REGULARLY! – Set a weekly reminder in your phone, on your calendar or your appointment book.  Look at the prayer list at the top of the right column of this page!


Financial Support:

If you feel the Lord is leading you to contribute financially, go to:, then click the “Donate” button at the top of the page and select “Betts Family”.  Or you can go directly to our page at

Alternatively, you can send a check to:

Galway Ministries
PO Box 37
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
Please write “Betts Family” on the memo line.  Thank you!

Thank you!

As always – we can not thank you enough for your support and encouragement!


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