The Mission, Part 2 — Street Ministry

For those of you who are new to our newsletter, WELCOME!  We are excited that you are interested to see what the Lord is doing in Ireland.  And thank you for all you who have been with us and praying for us over the past year as we continue following the Lord’s call to Ireland for our family. Your support and encouragement (and exhortations!) have been so helpful!

Since our last update:

March has been a packed month as our home church – Calvary Chapel Aurora – had it’s annualMissions March.  We had a table before and after every service where people talked with us about what the Lord has put on our heart, why we are going IMG_7515to Ireland instead of more typical locations, what it’s like to actually liv there and many people had personal connections to Ireland which we were able to share.  Having so many people interested in what we are doing and how they can support and encourage us was a wonderful blessing.

Coming up, we are scheduled to give an update to our church on April 12th.  That will give us the chance to talk to the church as a whole and show them what the Lord has put on our hearts.  Please pray for us as this date approaches.  Pray that the Lord gives us clarity as we prepare the presentation and that it speaks to hearts, that Gary isn’t sick that night and that he speaks what the Lords wants the people to hear, not what we think we should tell them.

The mission:

This is part 2 of the mission updates.  Each post will highlight a different aspect of the mission in Ireland instead of giving you everything at once.  This way they’ll be shorter, but you’ll still get a sense of what we’ll be doing while we are there and what the need is in Ireland.  If you missed the first update (Relationships) you can find it just below this update.

Street Ministry:

This seems to contradict the first part of our mission- developing relationships.  If relationships are how ministry is done in Ireland, how does street ministry fit in?  We are talking to people we’ve never met and giving them the Gospel message in short form.  How does that work if first we need to build trust?

The Apostle John opens his first epistle by explaining that he heard, saw and touched Jesus and he is bearing witness of what he experienced so that we can have fellowship with Jesus and the Father and so our “joy may be full”. (1 John 1:1-4).  In the same way, we tell others what we have experienced in our walk with Jesus so they can have that same fellowship!  “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17), therefore we have to tell people about Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins on the cross (Acts 3:12-26) so that they can know the Truth and be saved (Acts 4:4).  The word of the Lord is powerful and will pierce the hearts of those willing to listen (Hebrew 4:12, Isaiah 55:11).  Street ministry is one of the most direct ways we act on Romans 10:17 – we boldly speak His word and let it speak to their hearts.

Galway has a culture of artistic expression – it’s known as a artistic and cultural center in Ireland – so much so it was named the European Capital of Culture 2020.  One way this comes out in Galway is buskers (street performers) are extremely common.  Setting up an easel and singing or painting on the street is considered normal and people will gather around to watch and see what you are going to do.

So that’s what we did last summer and what we will do when we return – we set up an easel.

And in the story told through the painting, the gospel is presented and conversations are started.  We haven’t had anyone accept Christ on the spot – yet, but we pray with the people we talk to and many were clearly wrestling with what they’d learned.  We also do other forms of street ministry like handing out tracts and flyers and talk to the people we’ve met previously.

That is really is where street ministry meets relationship.  Following up on the conversations we have on the street.  Over time, these people come to know us and are open to talking more about life.  Relationships form.  And throughout, the Lord continues His work of growing the seeds as we plant and water them as He gives us opportunity (1 Cor 3:7).

How can you come alongside us?

There are 2 primary ways –


PLEASE PRAY FOR US – REGULARLY! – Set a weekly reminder in your phone, on your calendar or your appointment book.

  • The Lord continue to unify Carli and I in the vision of ministry for our family
  • The Lord give Gary the words He wants people to hear when we present to our church on April 12, and other churches thereafter.
  • Invitations from pastors to talk to their church about what the Lord has put on our hearts for Ireland.
  • The Lord raise up those who will be supporting us on our mission
  • That our girls begin to see how the Lord intends to use them in ministry – they find a mission of their own.
  • He begins to prepare a home for us in Ireland – with enough space for visiting missionaries / workers to have a room to stay in (a request by those already there)
  • That the Lord start to prepare the hearts of those whom with we will develop relationships
  • Praise report- we asked for a gifted computer communication person to come alongside us, and 2 individuals volunteered to help in getting our website and social media better prepared!

Keep informed of what we are up to and current prayer requests at

Financial Support:

This area always raises people’s guard.  If you are thinking, “here we go again- someone else asking for money” – then please don’t give.  We don’t want people to give grudgingly or out of obligation for the Lord loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:6-7).  Pray the Lord reveal what local or international ministries He is asking you to support – through finances, time, skills or a combination – and do it faithfully and cheerfully!

If you do want to come alongside us and be part of the team of people reaching the people of Ireland, please pray about giving on a consistent, monthly basis.  Since we are not able to work with the visas we will have in Ireland, we need to have monthly contributions that will cover our expenses each month.  Those contributions need to begin before we go so we are financially stable when we are there.  Our church, Calvary Chapel Aurora, requires we reach our monthly goal for 3 consecutive months before we purchase tickets and go.  We believe the Lord may be calling us to leave in October, so donations made before we leave will go toward setting up a home there as well as provide an emergency fund for things we can’t anticipate (medical expenses, unexpected car repairs, etc).

To support us financially- please go to:, then click the “Donate” button at the top of the page and select “Betts Family”.  Or you can go directly to our page at

Alternatively, you can send a check to:

Galway Ministries
PO Box 37
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
Please write “Betts Family” on the memo line.  Thank you!


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