The Mission, part 1 – Relationships


It’s been awhile since we’ve updated everyone on our progress toward heading out to on our Missionary journey to Ireland.

A few people have asked us- how long will you be gone?  The simple answer is “until the Lord calls us back”.  Whether that’s 2 years or 20… the Lord simply hasn’t told us.  Where we’ll be called back to is also a good question- it could be to the missionary field in the United States or to a new missionary field abroad.  The Lord has been consistent in this season of our lives; we take the next step of faith He’s given us and when it’s completed He gives us the next step.  How long hasn’t been our focus- we are focusing on when will we get there!

Since our last update:

We have been busy working on getting materials ready to give presentation to churches so that more people can learn of what the Lord has called us to do in Ireland.  We are now in the process of contacting churches to set up dates and times for those presentations.   We have also been getting the house ready to rent and keeping busy with “normal” life and 3 young, busy girls!

The mission:

I am going to send out updates highlighting different aspects of our mission in Ireland instead of everything at once.  They’ll be shorter, and it will help you get a sense of what we’ll be doing while we are there and why the need is there.


The Lord brings people to His church – not our efforts (Acts 2:47).  However He often uses us to share the truth of His love and Grace – of Jesus’ sacrifice.  Sometimes people accept Jesus immediately (Acts 3:1-9), but often we experience the times people resist (Acts 3:10-23).  These are the times we have to continue to love people, to show them through our lives how Jesus makes us different- offers something they don’t have or understand.  It is in these times it takes developing relationships to help people soften their hearts to the Holy Spirit’s prompting.

Imagine what it takes for you to learn to trust someone and believe what they are telling you.

  • Time – repeated interactions with that person.
  • Common link – there needs to be something that you have in common- what links you to that person to make those repeated interactions happen.
  • Love – you need to feel that the person cares about you.
  • Consistency – the person tends to react in a similar way each time you are with them.  You can see that they live what they say.


You may come up with others that help in all or some circumstances.  But these all take time and effort to make those common links happen.  This is going to be our primary mission.  In amongst all the tasks and ministries that will be there, developing relationships is how ministry happens.  Especially in Ireland.

The people in Galway, Ireland are very multi-cultural.  People come and go constantly – they will even tell you they are waiting for the day you tell them you are going back home.  It makes relationships hard to build – if they expect you to leave, why would they invest in building that relationship?  It will take time for those relationships to be established, but they will happen.

How can you come alongside us?


PLEASE PRAY FOR US! – Set a weekly reminder in your phone, on your calendar or your appointment book.

  • That the Lord start to prepare the hearts of those whom with we will develop relationships
  • A friend for Carli and the girls – a native of Ireland they can truly invest in and be themselves with
  • Favor with the pastors we talk to – that they welcome us to talk to their church
  • Our friends are able to create invitations to talk to their church’s congregations
  • The Lord raise up those who will be supporting us on our mission
  • The Lord encourage the McCurnin’s and others currently in Ireland serving
  • That He begin to prepare a home for us in Ireland – with enough space for visiting missionaries / workers to have a room to stay in (this was a request by those already there)
  • Favor in getting our visas approved
  • Someone gifted in computer communication comes along side to assist in this part of our mission.  Websites and social media are not areas we are gifted in!

Keep informed of what we are up to and current prayer requests at

Financial Support:

This area always raises up people’s guard.  If you are thinking, “here we go again- someone else asking for money” – then please don’t give.  Don’t give grudgingly or out of obligation, the Lord loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:6-7).  Pray the Lord reveal what He is asking you to support – through finances, time, skills or a combination – and do it faithfully and cheerfully!

If you do want to come alongside us and be part of the team of people reaching the people of Ireland, please pray about giving on a consistent, monthly basis.  In order to be sent by Calvary Chapel Aurora we need to have monthly contributions that will cover our expenses each month.  Those contributions need to begin now so they know we are financially stable while we are there.  Once we have reached our monthly goal for 3 consecutive months we are able to purchase tickets and go.  The money we receive before we leave will go toward setting up a home there as well as give us an emergency fund for things we can’t anticipate.

To support us- please go to:, then click the “Donate” button at the top of the page and select “Betts Family”.  Or you can go directly to our page at

Alternatively, you can send a check to: Galway Ministries

PO Box 37

Santa Ynez, CA 93460

Please write “Betts Family” on the memo line.  Thank you!


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