We are in Galway!

Thank you all for your prayers for safe travel.  We are in Galway, Ireland.  We arrived around 11:45 PM, Irish time.

First look at the plane
My troopers following Mama into London!

It was an eventful trip.  Denver to London was pretty much as expected, we all slept some.  We landed in London around 3:30 Colorado time (11:30 London/Irish time – I’ll be shifting to that time now).  We were tired, but OK.  We had no hiccups till we got to the border control in London.  Over the next hour and 30 minutes or so we got a very good look at their border control area.  So did the 30 other people in the line in front of us.  But as we got to the front of the line others with flights getting close were pushed in front of us until the Lord had a young man who worked there take note of us and he made sure we got the front again.  Unfortunately our flight only had an hour and a half layover, so by the time we got through security our flight was ½ way to Dublin.  We were rebooked for a flight later and arrived in Dublin around 7 PM.  On the flight to Dublin the girls charmed the socks off the airline attendants to the point they took one of Ruth’s crayon drawings and hung it up in the galley before we left.  They may be how the Lord gives us conversation with people, our kids’ gift of gab!  

Then came Border Control.  Again.  This time the Irish border control agent questioned why we were coming so long.  He hesitantly accepted that we were helping a church in Galway – he wanted proof we have the funds to cover the trip as well as proof of medical insurance that will cover us while in Ireland (to prove we wouldn’t be a burden to the Irish government).  After several attempts and obstacles – and 20 minutes or so with the border agent – he let us into Ireland temporarily.  We had to email him the documents within a couple days, and since it was late Thursday, we had only Friday to get the documents from the US.  After more obstacles communcicating with our insurance company, we finally were able to secure the information he wanted.  We are now waiting to make sure there is nothing more he needs to see.  We knew we would have opposition and trials, so not unexpected, but it added stress and we were already tired from the travel.  I think those challenges are behind us.

I have to take a moment to acknowledge our girls – they  were amazing. Up to 5 hours of sleep over 22 hours, no meltdowns and they were following directions the entire trip. Our middle even carried her heavy backpack the entire time – wouldn’t let us carry it for her even for a break.  A little sleep on the long flight to London, and didn’t sleep another wink until we were in the car on the way to Galway.

View from bedroom window – can see a touch of the Atlantic Ocean!
View from our bedroom window
The forest… look at that ivy!

We drove to Galway, getting in around 11:30 or so.  Jess was gracious and led us to our flat and helped us get our bags inside.
Since then we’ve met with the McCurnin’s, and our girls were able to meet and make friends with their 3 girls and 2 year old son.  They are going to have fun playing with them this summer.  We looked at the space they want to rent for the church to meet and to have special events this morning and have spent the rest of the time getting settled in.  We begin serving tomorrow morning in their Childrens’ ministry and begin looking for the vehicle.  Keep praying for us on this one!


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