I’ve said from the beginning that the Lord keeps confirming our missions trip to Ireland this summer.  The other night, as I was getting things ready for our trip I came across some old sermon notes from as long ago as 2009 I apparently didn’t know what to do with and just threw into my nightstand drawer and they’ve been there since.  The titles and topics of the sermons made me smile and laugh and thank God for continuing to prepare us and confirm that this trip is His will for our family.

Now, to help you understand why these were significant you’ll need a little background.  In my personal study time I keep coming across the concept that trials will come, some of them hard.  But the Lord continues to follow it up with the idea, “it will be OK” (yes, this is somewhat scary, but I have to keep reminding myself of Romans 8:28).  Second, Carli and I have talked about how this trip will be a challenge for our marriage, and others have recently reinforced that idea.  Not necessarily in a bad way, but it will put some strain on us and force us to grow and our marriage will be strengthened as a result.

So, what were the topics?  In the order I pulled them out, they were:

  1. God is Missionary Minded, so we are to be missionaries
  2. When tough times come, Where do you turn?
  3. Marriage Retreat: Strengthening your communication skills

How cool!  I love watching God do little things like that, and as we keep taking steps of faith, we are seeing them more often.

We leave in 24 hours!!


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