Ireland Update

Originally sent 3-17-2016

We are posting all of our letters we wrote to friends and family from the first trip we took to explore what the Lord has for us in Ireland, so you can get a glimpse of our journey from the beginning.  This was the 3rd email sent.

Thank you all for your prayers for our family and direction in regards to Ireland.  As usual, the Lord has been answering prayers!  There has been a great deal of progress in His leading regarding Ireland in the past month!

Confirmation of the Lord’s plan:

Carli’s has received Scripture confirmation several times since our last letter went out.  My confirmation wasn’t quite as quick.  I went on a short term mission trip to Israel shortly after sending the last letter out.  Before leaving I was praying the Lord would reveal His will about missions in Ireland while on that trip.  It seemed strange at first, but as the trip continued I could see how my heart for people and other cultures was revealed during the trip.  I won’t go into the full details, but one night I had serious doubts of my ability to be an effective missionary.  The next morning my normal Bible study reading perfectly addressed those doubts and during the study the Lord confirmed that we are to be going to
serve as missionaries in Ireland, at least for the summer.


So, we are now in preparation to go to Ireland fromIreland Map
May 18 through July 31
, with the full expectation we will be going back in early 2017 as full time  missionaries!  We are very excited, and a little bit nervous.  There are a large number to details to get worked out in short order, and then when we return in August there are going to be a lot more things that need to be worked out before we can go full time.

Summer 2016

We will be traveling to Galway, on the west coast of Ireland.

We will be assisting Galway ministries with whatever they need this summer, but primarily we will be helping with 3 missionary groups coming while we are there and starting to lay the groundwork for when we return full time.  Gary will be starting to develop relationships and help the men’s discipleship ministry.  Efforts are in place to do a Taekwondo outreach while we are there- a natural outreach given Gary’s former career.  We hope to share the love of Jesus with people who otherwise we wouldn’t have any opportunity to talk with.  Both of us will be learning how the children’s ministry is currently being done at the church so we can take that over when we return full time next year.  Carli will be helping the women’s ministry, getting to know the ladies involved as well as assisting in the Taekwondo outreach logistics.  She also will be continuing to home school our 3 girls while we are there, so she will be very busy.  If you want to look into Galway ministries to see a little bit of where we will be and what we’ll be doing, go to: and

We are actively praying the Lord reveals his plan for us to go to Ireland full time in 2017.  We are hoping that confirmation will be early- even before we leave for the summer if at all possible.

How you can help:

First, pray.  Pray our safety, health, growth in our faith in Jesus and for our effectiveness in our ministry to the Lord.  Nothing you do can be more helpful or more effective than praying for us.  We covet and need your prayers.

Second, we are going to be starting the process of developing a team of people that will serve as our “sending team” for when return to Ireland full time.  Briefly- a sending team is a small team of people in the US who help out with a variety of things so we can stay focused on the ministry in Ireland.  Areas they help with are logistics, financial planning/management, prayer, communication, encouragement and even support returning to the US when that time comes.  I won’t go into details of each here, but if you have any interest, pray how the Lord might have you be a part of His work in Ireland. Then let us know and we can discuss it more in the future.

Third, I’ve had a couple of people ask if we need financial help for this trip.  The short answer is yes.  We’ve already seen the Lord providing in ways we never expected, but we will need to raise some money for the summer’s work.  If you feel the Lord prompting you to donate to this summer’s ministry, please contact us and we can explain how that will work for this summer.  If you don’t feel the Lord leading – PLEASE do not give.  We would rather let Him lead than have anyone give out of obligation.  We firmly believe that where God guides, He provides.

Prayer requests

  • Pray for confirmation of full time ministry in Ireland.  We want the Lord’s will here, not our own, so your prayers are appreciated!
  • For this summer
    • A reasonably priced apartment to rent for the last ½ of our stay, preferably in the City Center
    • A vehicle for our family of 5 for the time we are there.  A rental is likely here, so one we can afford!
    • For our ministry time to be fruitful, that people are saved and that Jess and Rebecca McCurnin (the pastor we are helping in Ireland) are encouraged and their burdens lessened by us being there serving alongside them.
  • For health for our family- we’ve had someone sick in the house since we made the decision to follow the Lord’s leading and go to Ireland for the summer.
  • Financial provision for both this summer and for our full time missions work.
  • For a team of people to step forward to stand alongside us as we step out in this journey the Lord has for us.

If you want more frequent updates you can friend us on Facebook at  If you would rather not get periodic email updates, please simply reply to the message with a subject of “Remove” and we’ll take you off the update list.

Gary & Carli

Ephesians 2:10 — For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.


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