Betts Prayer Support

Originally sent October 15, 2015
We are posting all of our letters we wrote to friends and family from the first trip we took to explore what the Lord has for us in Ireland, so you can get a glimpse of our journey from the beginning.  This was the 1st email sent.
“…Get out of your country, from your family and from your father’s house, to a land that I will show you.” — Genesis 12:1
We wanted to share with you something that has been on our hearts for awhile now, and ask you for your help as we start to follow the Lord’s leading.
Since Gary left the taekwondo school, we’ve felt that God may be calling us to missions.  We first thought that perhaps it was to Savannah, Georgia or the Southwest US.  But we didn’t listen to His call to go on a trip to scout it out and pray over the area.  We think we missed His calling for us there.  Since then we’ve continued our lives in Aurora.  This spring, Carli started praying on missions again and Ireland kept coming up in random places.  She has always had a heart for Ireland, and England as well, so she started praying about Ireland.  God tends to answer her prayers quickly, the day after praying for specific confirmation if He wants us to go to Ireland, the scripture verse above was where her daily reading began.  The words jumped off the page and had specific meaning for her.  ‘Go now.’  Right after that nearly every sermon we listened to in our church, and even visiting a church 5 hours away, a major component kept being repeated.  ‘When you hear God tell you to do something, you just Do It,’ or ‘If God says Go, you just Go.’  After several of these Gary agreed – we are being told to go now.
So, we’ve booked a fact-finding trip to Ireland from the weekend before Thanksgiving to the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We’ll be visiting 3 pastors who have contacted us, and possibly a  couple others in the areas we’ll be visiting.  We’ll be praying over the cities and spending as much time as possible meeting the people.  Some of that will be with the ministries we are visiting, some visiting people on the street and some going to the pubs (social centers in their culture).  We will also be joining the pastors in some of their ministry efforts – we’ve been invited to go street witnessing, attend women’s ministry meetings (for Carli), a puppet show put on by their ministry, and to join their staff in their weekly meetings to see how they approach missions work in Ireland.  It will be a busy week, to say the least!
We do not know what God is calling us to beyond this trip.  It could be full time missions in Ireland.  It could be supporting the missionaries there by planning/leading short term missions trips in the future.  It could be a simple, “no, not here, but England (or another place).”  It could be a no to international missions and a call to truly look at our own neighborhood and own city as our missions field and make more intentional efforts to share Jesus here.  It could simply be God preparing us for something completely different by testing our obedience now, to see if we will answer His call. Truly we don’t know, but we are expectantly waiting to find out!
How can you help?  No, we are not asking for donations.  We are only asking that you join us in praying for our trip.
  • That the Lord prepares our hearts before we leave
  • That we are sensitive to His Spirit and leading while we are there, including changing our plans as He directs
  • That we hear the same message/calling while we are there (we will be keeping separate journals while we are there, then sharing what we heard after we head home).
  • For safe travel
  • For health before we leave and while we are gone (both for us and our children)
  • For safety for our kids, and sanity/patience for their Aunt, Cousin and Grandparents watching the kids while we are gone.
Thank you!
 Gary & Carli

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